John Farren




John acts as Alleycats's consultant, and given his history in Derry, he is a perfect fit. He set up 360production in Derry, NI using his network connections to fund and incubate a true Network production company in a city where none had ever existed. 

He produced around a hundred hours of network and international content, with a client list including: BBC1, 2, 4, ITV, C5, Nat Geo, Discovery, PBS, Arte, SBS, ABC, History Channels USA, UK, CANADA. As well as top end blue chip shows, he made purely digital material for clients like Youtube (funded science portal Headsqueeze has 400,000 subscribers), Yahoo, the OU, and commercial clients like Bosch and Novartis. 

John is also a former Commissioner for BBC Timewatch, and Executive Producer with ITV Granada and Ginger Productions.