Ed Stobart

Ed is a multi award winning producer and director who has delivered successful, high quality series and films for all the UK's major terrestrial and digital broadcasters, and his work has been seen in over 150 territories around the world. He executive produces all of Alleycats current output.

Prior to Alleycats, he executive produced the 2011 BAFTA nominated Pink Saris for More Four; five series of ITV1/ ITV2's Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie, which sells to 146 territories; ITV2's Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese; C4's Extreme Celebrity Detox and Sky One's Jones Boys' Amazon Adventure.

He series produced Grand Designs for C4, House Doctor for Five, and highlights as Producer/ director include BBC1 Extreme Lives Cannibals and Crampons with Bruce Parry, the prototype for BBC Tribe, (award winner at Banff and Kendal); BBC1's award winning Extreme Lives Leo Houlding My Right Foot; BBC 1 Paddington Green; BBC2 Timewatch: The Secrets of Enzo Ferrari; Rock Family Trees for BBC2, and ITV4's award winning Take A Seat

He recently ran Ginger Productions, where he originated most of the commissions. He was a finalist in the 2009 Diversity Awards for his practice of giving serving prisoners full time work placements. When he is not eating, breathing, and sleeping Alleycats, he loves football, cycling, climbing with his 14 year old lad, trampolining with his 9 year old girl, and the odd lost night out in Derry.


Des Henderson

Derry based Des Henderson is one of Northern Ireland’s most promising producing and directing talents. He has just finished directing our documentary feature How to Defuse a Bomb - The Project Children Story .

Most recently he produced/ directed our All4 Helluva Tour, the RTS nominated BBC3/ BBC1 NI Keeping ‘er Country, BBC1 NI The Longest Night, and BBC1 Alex Against The Rock. He series produced/ directed RTE/ BBC 1 NI Stetsons and Stilettoes, BBC1 NI Music City/ CBBC Hit The Stage, produced/ directed our award winning BBC1 NI Life Patrol, shot Here Comes The Summer: The Undertones Story, and produce/ directed our CBBC My Life: The Big Climb. Previous directing outings include Going the Distance and White Collar Fight Club for BBC1 NI.

Away from the Cats – and there is not a lot of that – Des loves a marathon, whether it running 3 in 10 days (which he really did!) or a similar commitment to a big night out in Sandinos Bar, Derry.



An Alleycat since leaving university in one form or another, Will takes care of the day to day finances and anything else behind the scenes. Based primarily in London, recent highlights include a solid week of translating Russian/Chinese receipts from Helluva Tour and ducking out of a family holiday to have adventures in Kyrgyzstan...


Niamh O’Donnell

Another one of Northern Ireland’s most emerging promising producing talents, Alleycat Niamh produced Channel4 Pop Pride & Prejudice, All4 Helluva Tour, RTE1/ BBC1 NI Stetsons and Stilettoes, BBC4/ Showtime Killing Me Softly: The Roberta Flack Story, BBC1 NI Music City/ CBBC Hit The Stage, as well as working on Life Patrol, and Here Comes The Summer: the Undertones Story.

Niamh is now back in her hometown after a long period in exile, studying Drama at Trinity College Dublin, and working as a director/actor in theatre in Dublin and Belfast.


Reuben McNutt

Reuben, when not beguiling us all with his other worldly football skills, has been applying his considerable talents to editing. He has just finished cutting Worlds Oldest Family and an episode of Keepin 'er Country/Stetsons and Stilettos and is currently working on an exciting new film. Derry City's loss is our gain, and it is a fair bet to say he will have some major awards in the back of the net before the decade is out.


Declan McCann

The Big Dogg is in our view the best editor in Northern Ireland. He has cut nearly all our output for the last two years – documentary feature How to Defuse a Bomb - The Project Children Story, All 4 Helluva Tour, BBC3/ BBC1 NI Keeping ‘er Country, BBC1 NI Longest Night, Katy B BBC1 Music City/ Hit The Stage series, BBC1 Alex Against The Rock and all our bands amongst them.


Brian Martin

Brian is a formidable directing and camera talent, who has worked across most of our productions, most notably RTE1/ BBC1 NI Stetsons and Stilettoes, and our music output. He has directed and shot 60 music videos for us, all of which have his hallmark eye for detail and utter commitment to quality.


Luke Price

Luke is a sublime editor, whose range has taken in the likes of ITV1’s I’m a Celebrity, and Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie through to the serious documentary of our BBC1NI/ RTE Life Patrol. It is a standing joke amongst us that nearly everything he edits for us wins an award, so we’ve had a near miss with the RTS Nomination for BBC3/ BBC1 NI Keeping ‘er Country, so fingers crossed for RTE1/ BBC1 NI Stetsons and Stilettoes.


Judy Wilson

It requires considerable organisation and diligence to production manage most things the Cats do, whether it is herding 13 children into a Green Screen studio 70 miles away, managing safety on a death defying climb, or co ordinating shooting a landmark concert. Judy, our production manager, achieves all this and more. After a long spell making adverts, Judy has turned her steely skills to ensuring the Cats run like clockwork, which she does to perfection.


Deirdre Donnelly

Deirdre is Alleycats’ most recent producing talent -working on BBC NI Worlds Oldest Family, BBC4 Roberta Flack ‘Killing Me Softly’, BBCNI ‘Keepin ‘Er Country’ and BBC One Show features ‘Derry Halloween’ and ‘Danger, Dad and Me’ - she is now the undisputed Queen of Country having produced the RTE/BBCNI hit series ‘Stetsons and Stilettos’

Deirdre’s background is at the BBC as both Radio and BBC Learning Campaigns Producer. She became part of the Alleycats family in 2013, when Project Manager of City Of Culture 2013’s music education project Music Promise. Other TV Producer credits include BBCNI Dive World War 2 and BBC4 Digging For Ireland and Digging for Britain.


Mark Ingram

At the end of a long night, someone has to drive everyone home, and Mark is that man with a vengeance. A hideously shrewd accountant by trade, so senior that he trains Corporate Treasurers, Mark closely watches the Alleycats finances so that the Cats can go from strength to strength.


Trevor Green

Through Trev, Stratford Upon Avon, in the centre of England, provides Alleycats with a second regional presence. Trev has travelled the world as producer/ director/ cameraman for broadcasters including the BBC and The History Channel but recognising the potential of the internet some years ago he began pushing the boundaries in the dark arts of new media and now heads up much of the Alleycats drive into this exciting new arena.


Ciaran O'Hagan

Ciaran is one of our newest team members. He is our in house Data Wrangler, Runner and impromptu Graphic Designer. When he's not in the office or running around on a shoot, he can most likely be found on the fairways of his local golf course.